From the outset, the organizers set themselves the goal of making the results of the congress available to a wider audience as soon as possible. After only six months of intensive work by the authors, the editors (Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Andreas Burmester and Melanie Eibl), the editorial office (Rebecca Bennett) and the book designer (Julia Arzberger), the online version is now ready for download here. If you should wish to purchase a printed version for your library, this is also possible: Archetype Publications Limited (London) offer the proceedings from 29.05.2013. Please note that most of the contributions except one is subject to the Creative Commons Agreement: you may read, understand and enjoy the articles as well as use them for teaching purposes, but not commercially exploit them, and certainly not alter them.

A further important component of the congress took the form of the numerous posters which with the consent of the authors we are offering for download on the following pages. And: every picture in the frieze accompanying these pages can be opened by clicking on it. This will convey impressions of a highly successful event.