Preserving iron gall ink collections with mould infestations in hot and humid climates in South and Central America and the Caribbean
Valeria Orlandini, Fernanda Auada Mokdessi, Raùl Garcìa Rodrìguez, Alicia Tonello, Ana Marìa Calvo and Alejandra Odor Chavez

Environmental monitoring in the Paul Kahle Fonds
Maria Luisa Russo

A new climate control strategy for the National Museum of Denmark
Morten Ryhl-Svendsen, Jesper Stub Johnsen and Lars Aasbjerg Jensen

The new art depository of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna – methods for building constructions and implementation of indoor air quality management
Christina Schaaf-Fundschneider, Martina Griesser, Stefan Fleck, Tanja Kimmel, Joachim Huber and Karl Reuter

Mitigation strategies for organic acids inside museum enclosures
Alexandra Schieweck and Stephen Hackney

Decision support tool for microclimate control in historical buildings
Tomas Vyhlidal, Tor Broström, Jochen Käferhaus, Oto Slàdek, Pavel Zìtek, Poul Klenz Larsen, Magnus Wesberg and Jirì Šolc

7 basics for an economical, sustainable depot
Cindy Zalm and Wijnanda Willemse