Guiding principles

Guiding principles

Guiding principles

Responsibility for the artworks

The Doerner Institut is responsible for the conservation of artworks belonging to the Bayerischen Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Bavarian State Painting Collection, BStGS). With over 50 members we are one of the largest scientific museum institutes in Germany. As an institute of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung we look after the entire holdings of the Munich Pinakotheken and the state galleries throughout all Bavaria, a collection that spans the 14th-century to the modern day. We fulfil this duty to enable future generations to experience and explore the significant artistic heritage of the Free State of Bavaria.

In order to meet this obligation professionally and sustainably, conservation and restoration specialists, museum and exhibition technicians, and natural scientists work hand in hand under the umbrella of the Doerner Institut. This structure is the only one of its kind in Germany. By combining conservation, retoration, art technology, natural sciences, art handling, and museum technology, we ensure the best possible collection care.  Our interdisciplinary cooperation generates scientific knowledge and insights into museum practice whose benefits extent beyond the BStGS.  

In the service of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen 

We implement the presentations of the permanent collection and special exhibitions of the world-famous Pinakotheken. We prepare the artworks for the public display and optimize the conditions under which they are exhibited. As art-handling specialists, we plan logistical processes and develop custom solutions for setting up and dismanting exhibitions. Our contribution is significant to ensuring selected BStGS artworks can serve as ambassadors that are shown in museums around the world.

We maintain, conserve and document our collection, and consider it an important aspect of our role to actively shape the approach we take digitization, a key future issue. We develop scientifically substantiated restoration concepts and are responsible for their practical implementation to the highest standard. We are constantly and innovatively expanding our highly specialized knowledge of materials, artistic techniwues, and conservation and restoration methods, develop in-house over decades. We look after all the BStGS stores and depots. We ensure the best possible storage conditions, identify risks, and take the necessary steps to address them. Our specialist planning for refurbishments, renovations, and new constructions further contribute to safeguarding the future of the Pinakotheken in Bavaria.

Scientific institute

We are an internationally renowned research institute with a long tradition, whose art-technological and conservation-science expertise is in demand far beyond the BStGS. In our scientific work, we apply state-of-the-art imaging techniques and special technologies for material analysis. We develop project ideas, submit research proposals and implement interdisciplinary approaches in cooperation with the BStGS' art- history curators and external partners. The insights we gain serve to broaden and enrich conservation, restoration as well as art-historical perspectives. We work intensively to further the development of professional standards, for example in preventive conservaion. We regularly publish our results in specialist publications. We continue to educate ourselves and others by regularly attending conferences, carrying out teaching assignments, and giving lectures. Our multidisciplinary knowledge base also enables us to detect counterfeits: As a 'clearing centre', we provide advice and technological-scientific expertise on paintings.  

Sharing our work with the public  

It is our mission to sensitize society to the importance of the preservation of cultural heritage, so we communicate our knowledge to a broad audience. The results of our work are regularly presented in BStGS exhibitions and events hosted by the Doerner Institut. We notify those interested in art about our work via the media and use the Doerner Institut website to inform the public about our projects and findings.

Mutual appreciation

At the Doerner Institut and within the BStGS, we appreciate our different perspectives and attitudes, and work together to foster an atmosphere of respectful and open exchange. The three departments of the Doerner Institut collaborate on an equal footing. In addition to their professional accountability, our senior staff also take their interpersonal responsibilities very seriously.